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Our Mission

EduCare is a nonprofit creating cutting-edge health resources for vulnerable Philadelphian communities. We are looking to develop a novel model of patient-centered education, where patients’ understanding of medical content is the sole driver of our writing, translation, and creative design decisions.


Executive Staff

Joshua Kim Headshot

Joshua Kim

Founder and Executive Director: UPenn '22. Vagelos MLS studying Biochem & Bio. Research assistant @Boninilab and @CBIR, College DAB co-chair, & chem TA. Coffee fanatic and cavapoo lover.

Annie Luo Headshot

Annie Luo

Director of Operations: UPenn '22. Studying Neuroscience & Chem. Research assistant, tutor, videographer & photographer. Bakes a lot of banana bread.

John Ta Headshot

John Ta

Director of Finance: UPenn '22. Studying Biochem, Physics, & Biophysics. Founder of Common Cents; avid Math-241 & Chem-241 TA. Lifts things up and puts them down.

Vickie Hua Headshot

Vickie Hua

Director of Design: UPenn '23. Studying Health & Societies. Social worker, non-committal bullet journal user & anime watcher. Peanut butter banana toast enthusiast.

Anna Chen Headshot

Anna Chen

Director of Outreach: UPenn '23. Vagelos LSM pre-med studying Bio & Econ. Lover of early mornings, matcha oat lattes, and graphic design.

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